Long-awaited MD Toll Decreases Are Finally Here

chesapeake bay bridge

Anyone remember the ruckus about the Bay Bridge tolls increasing? Or about the E-Z Pass fee? Well, Governor Hogan said he was going to do something, and he did. As of July 1 (today, at the time of this writing), many Maryland tolls are much lower. Here’s a brief list of highlights:

  • No more E-Z Pass monthly fee for Marylanders. (More complicated for out-of-state people holding MD E-Z Passes, see source below).
  • Two-axle Bay Bridge toll (that’s the one that regular people with normal cars pay) goes from $6 to $4!

While it’s a little late for some people’s vacation, others may still benefit. There’s also always next year!

For more information, read this page by the Maryland Transportation Authority: http://www.mdta.maryland.gov/news/mdta_news_releases/reminder-governor-hogans-statewide-toll-rollback-takes-effect-wednesday-july-1-2015

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