School Closures Result from Snow

Lucky Carroll County students have received yet another snow day. What was initially a two-hour delay soon became a complete closure due to some slippery road conditions. The county is expected to received between 4-6 inches of snow for the day. Stay safe out there!

Carroll County to Upgrade 911 System

The Carroll County Board of Commissioners voted 4-0 to approve an upgrade of the 911 telephone system. The enhancements will be paid for by the state and will add a redundancy between the New Windsor and Westminster phone systems. Read More>>

Lawsuit Contests Maryland’s Congressional Districts

A group called Judicial Watch recently filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Maryland’s current district boundaries. Critics of the current boundaries say they are ridiculous and serve only to stack the deck for a particular party. Back in 2012, the districts were replanned, moving more than one quarter of

Long-awaited MD Toll Decreases Are Finally Here

Anyone remember the ruckus about the Bay Bridge tolls increasing? Or about the E-Z Pass fee? Well, Governor Hogan said he was going to do something, and he did. As of July 1 (today, at the time of this writing), many Maryland tolls are much lower. Here’s a brief list

High School Graduates Worked on NASA Projects

Area high school graduates were given the opportunity to work on an instrument that NASA will be sending into space. The purpose of the device is to measure the atmosphere’s clouds and particles from space and scheduled to be launched Tuesday, Jan. 6, to the International Space Station. Read More >>


The Carroll County Government is offering a tree recycling program for unwanted Christmas Tree. There are several locations that you can drop your tree off at. Read More >>

Carroll County Investigator Death Under Investigation

Police are investigating what appears to be a suicide in the case of a self inflicted gunshot wound. Jerry Francis Barnes, the state’s attorney for Carroll County, was found at 10:30am on Saturday. Read More >>

Free Mulch

The Bureau of Solid Waste is offering free munch to any commercial customer in Carroll County.  The snowy winter has led to an excess of mulch this season.  Read More >>

Shots Fired at McDaniel

Windows were shot out by a handgun Sunday morning at McDaniel college.  No one was injured and the campus was put on lockdown.  Read More >>

Schools Open Two Hours Late Today

Due to inclement weather, public schools in Carroll County opened 2 hours later today.